(Section A-VI/1-2 of the STCW Code) This module follows the IMO course Model 1.20. The aim of this module is to provide the students with the necessary skills and training in fire prevention and fire fighting in accordance with Section A-VI/1 of the STCW codes. On completion, the students should be competent in understanding the need for fire prevention, the types of fires and in applying the appropriate basic fire fighting procedures and techniques.

Duration of course: 2 day

Attendance: Minimum 4 trainees per day.

This module course include:
  • Shipboard fire-fighting organisation;
  • Location of fire-fighting appliances and emergency escape routes;
  • The elements of fire and explosion (the fire triangle);
  • Types and sources of ignition;
  • Flammable material, fire hazards and spread of fire;
  • The need for constant vigilance;
  • Fire and smoke detection and automatic alarm systems Classification of fire and applicable extinguishing agents.
Students will learn how to react to the outbreak of fire, take appropriate measures for the safety of personnel and of the ship, and use firefighting appliances effectively.

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