In 2010, was inaugurated the Company “TSTS Group”. In cooperation with the European partners, this company was engaged in providing consultancy in relation with the workplace safety, risk assessment for different enterprises and prevention of incidents by type of activity conducted.

Since the first years of creation, TSTS Company has been involved with serious projects of important industrial groups, thanks to the professionalism of our technical staff, domestic and foreign, who were able to know in advance the correct answers to specific Albanian market requirements.

TSTS Group it’s recognized by the Albanian Government, through the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, according to the License issued from the National Licensing Center at the Ministry of Economy.

One of the main activities in the services offered by TSTS Group, known by the Albanian Government, is the professional training, through the use of facilities and modern simulation equipments, to create in real terms, the situations that can appear in working places. For this activity TSTS Group, has invested in the construction of facilities and installation of electronic equipment (simulators), with the same standards that today are found in developed countries of the EU.

The partnership created from TSTS Group during the years, with companies like: “GNV”, “MSC Crociere”, “COSTA Crociere”, “ESA Group – Genoa”, “SELECTION”, “Transas Group”, “Split Shipping Management”, “Tema Safety and Training”, “CERONAV”, “CREWING24”, will also contribute to provide in the country, the activities related to the management of port services, particularly in off-shore industry, recently prevalent in the Albanian territory. Perennial experience of our partners, certified with the highest standards of the European Community, ISO 9001/2015 MLC 2006 by RINA, will be available to Albanian customers, which has already directed its gaze to meet European market requirements.