This new training course is based on the Domestic Professional Standards for Marine Piloting, which aim to make a piloting planning, boarding on vessel, assess safety & security conditions in the piloted ship, interact with the command bridge team and performing a good handling of the vessel with them, establish a radio connection and communication within the port, transiting the piloting district, handling of ships in ports, reaction and response and emergency problems, management of personal and professional behavior and recognition legislation.

Duration of course: 8 days

Attendance Minimum: 4 trainees per day.

The course objectives:

  • Planning an act of piloting
  • Embarking and disembarking
  • Assessing standards on the piloted vessel
  • Co-operating with the bridge team and functioning within it
  • Liaising and communicating within the port
  • Transiting the piloting district
  • Maneuvering vessels in harbors and their approaches
  • Reacting and responding to problems and emergency situations
  • Managing personal and professional conduct and development

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