Managing Office

Dorian MERSINI Attorney at Law – (Law Firm) –

Was born in Durres (Albania) in 1980. 

Education & Studies: 2005, Graduated in Law, from the University of Genoa (Italy) with a Maritime Law Degree.

Personal publications: “Albanian Skipper Licenses, their international recognition”, “Ship Simulation Technology, in the Albanian Captain’s Hands”, “Albanian Yachting Industry, Quo Vadis”, “A Place in the Sun or it’s better on board for Albanian Seafarers”, “Seafarers & Game Rules”, “Albanian Seafarers Navigating on STCW White List”, “Maritime Safety For Passenger Ships”, “Ships & Crew Management Agencies”, “Maritime Highways”, “The Future of Shengjin Port”, “Maritime Administration, part of Albanian integration”, “Reborn of Romano Port”, “I Contratti di Utilizzazione della Nave (Charter – Party)”, “Leasing Contract in the Maritime Transport”, “Albanian Sea Ports under ISPS Code”, “Letter of Credit”, “Incoterms in the International Trade”. 

Working Experiences: 2005 – Assistant in the Department of International & Maritime Law, Genoa University, Italy; 2006 – Expert for the International Law at the European Integration Directory, Ministry of Interior, Albania; 2007 – Chairman of Administration Council of Shengjin Port; 2009 – Lecturer to the Maritime Law, Faculty of Law, Tirana University; 2010 – Director of Maritime Safety & Security, Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania; 2012 – CEO at Sanlorenzo Yacht (Albania & Montenegro); 2013 – Attorney at Law (TSTS Group).

Courses & Specializations: November 2007, Specialization Course in Port Management, organized by Ministry of Commerce (China). May 2008, Specialization Course in Port Security Policies, organized by State Department (United States). April 2011, Course on Port State Control, performed by International Maritime Bureau, (United Kingdom).

Admitted to Albanian Bar: 2007. 

Languages: Albanian; English; Italian.

Marseda SHKODRA Economist (CEO) –

Was born in Tirana (Albania) in 1981.

Education & Studies: 2006, Graduated in Economy and Commerce from the University of Genoa (Italy) with a degree in the Road Transport, personal publication: “Evoluzione delle figure soggettive nel settore del trasporto stradale”.

Working Experiences: 2009 – CEO at TSTS Group (Maritme & Off-Shore Training Provider); 2007 – COMMERCE EXPERT near AS&T LEGAL ALBANIA, Group MEDITERRANEAN LEGAL NETWORK; 2006 – has worked in the field Transports with duty: FINANCIAL EXPERT near TRANSPEDMUKA SH.P.K, Durres, (ALBANIA); 2004 – has worked in the field Instruction – Formation with duty: Assistant in Library, part-Time near FACULTY OF ECONOMY – Genoa (ITALY); 2003 – has worked in the field Instruction – Formation with duty: Secretary near FACULTY OF JURISPRUDENCE – Genoa (ITALY)

Languages: Albanian; English; Italian.

Administrative Office

Anula BIRI – (Durrës Office Manager) –

Was born in Durrës (Albania) in 1993.

Education & Studies: 2011-2015 Bachelor’s Degree – Graduated in Economy “Business Management” University “Aleksander Moisiu” Durres, Albania. 2015-2017 Master’s Degree “Financial Management” Professional Master.

Working Experiences: June 2011 – July 2011 Surveyor, at INSTAT Population Censuses; October 2015 – September 2016, Economist at Birra Tirana Distributor Durrës;  April 2017 – July 2017 Specialist in counselling service, Agriculture Directory,  Shkozet, Durrës; July 2017 Start working at TSTS Group.

Languages: Albanian; English; Italian, French.

Entela HERENI – (Lawyer) –

Born in Kukës (Albania) in 1992.

Education & Studies:

2011-2014- Bachelor’s Degree – Graduated for Justice in University of Tirana, Albania.

2014-2016- Master’s Degree “Civile Rights” Scientific Master.

2016-2017- Attorney School.

Working Experiences:March 2017 lawyer at the EDEL Assocation, November 2017 lawyer in the notary office; June 2018 Start working lawyer at TSTS Group.

Languages:  English, Italian, Spanish, Deutsch.

Redian CELCIMA (Logistic Expert) –

Born in Durrës (Albania) in 1992.

Education & Studies:

2014-2018 Bachelor’s Degree – Graduated in Economy “Financ Bank” University “Wisdom” Tirane, Albania.

Working Experiences: June 2013 – Decembre 2015 Store Manager May 2016-July 2017 Sale Agent Shkozet, Durrës; June 2018 Start working at TSTS Group.

Languages: Albanian; English; Italian.

Mejola KODRA – (Vlora Office Manager – EU Project Design & Implementation) –

Was born in Durres (Albania) 1980.

Education & Studies: 2015 – Doctoral Candidate Institute of European Studies , University of Tirana ; 2005 – Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Genova , Italy , University of Genoa ( Italy ) specialization in International and Diplomatic Sciences .

Personal publications: 2015 “Towards a European Common Framework on Migrants. The Italian Stand on the issue, 2014 “E-democracy and new model of governance. Possibilities of implementation in Albania”, 2013 “External Voting: the global experience and new perspectives for the Albanian emigrants”, 2012 ” EU policy in the field of immigration . Impacts Albanian migratory flows ” , 2012″ Industrial Network . Italian experience so far as sustainable development model for the future of the Albanian economy ” 2011 “Models of Leadership in education and its  role in integrating ICT- an Albanian review”, 2011 “Information Technology and Communication at School”, 2010 “EU conditional and regional development: evidences from Vlora, Albania”, 2010 “The European Development Cooperation Policy: a Human Rights Oriented Model?”, 2010 “The Eternal Return of the Leviathan? Governments and Markets in the Post Financial Crisis Era”, 2005 “Guida per gli imprenditori italiani in Albania”.

Working Experiences: 2003 – Administrative Associate, European Research Department, Faculty of Political Science, University of Genova, Italy 2004 Coordinator of activities ” Comitato Giovani pro 2004″, Genova 2005 Administrative Associate Trademark Office, the Italian Embassy in Tirana in 2007 – As / Lecturer at the Faculty Economics and Management, University ” Aleksander Moisiu” Durres; 2008 Managing Director, Center for Education and Research 3Tre Con IT , Vlora 2009 Lecturer / General Coordinator Independence University, Vlora

Courses & Specializations: 2010 – Master Facilitator for European Pedagogical ICT Licence, Danish Agency for Research and Education, Ministry of Education, Aarhus, Denmark ; 2012- Diploma ECDL – European Computer Driving European Diploma License – computer knowledge.

Languages: English; Italian; Spanish; German.

Staff of Trainers

Cap. Mynyr BAJRAKTARI – Training Courses Director

Was born in Korçë (Albania) 19.10.1949 

Education & Studies: 1970, graduated for Navigation, Cargo and ship stability at “Marine Naval Academy”, Vlore-Albania

Work experience: 1970-1980-Deck Officer of different types of general cargo ship at Albania National Merchant Ship;1980-1983-Captain of general cargo ship at M/V’’Lezha’’;1983-1990Captain of general cargo ship at M/V ‘’Skenderbeu’’;1990-1994-Captain of general cargo ship at M/V’’Dajti’’;1994-1998- Captain of passenger ship F/B’’Aulona’’;1998-2002 – Master of passenger ship at F/B ‘’Aulona’’;2002-2009-Pilot at Durres Port and Romano Port;2009-until now Instructor at TSTS Group.

Courses & Specializations: 2000, full training courses for captain on Long Range Navigation to S.T.C.W requirements organized from TST Taranto, Italy. February 2010-October 2010,Instructor in TSTS Group Training Center, Training course’; Train the Trainers at Maritime Coastguard Agency for:
– Basic Training
– Crowd&Crisis Management and Human Behavior for RO-RO passenger ships
– Advanced Fire Fighting
– Security Awareness
– Ship Security officer

Training courses’ ’Full Mission of Train the Trainers at Transas L.T.D for Simulation.

Language: English, Italian, Serbian 

Off. Henri TROPLINI – Training Courses Lecture

Was born in Durres (Albania) 16.02.1985

Education & Studies: Graduated in Navigation at ‘’University Ismail Qemali “(Vlore)

Work experience:

01.08.2007-05.09.2007 Ass.Purser – Ferry Riviera Del Conero at Adria Ferries;

17.12.2007-18.01.2008 – Ass. Purser Ferry Riviera Adriatika at Adria Ferries (Frittelli Maritime Group);

01.04.2008 – 17.12.2010 – Second Officer , Ch. Mate at Globex” sh.p.k Durres;

23.11.2011-23.12.2011- Fish Rep. (seismic activity research vessel to search for oil and gas, in the Adriatic Sea) at Ramform Vantguard’ Nassau (Bahamas) Flag. “ P.G.S” Norvegia

11.05.2011 – 20.05.2011 – Ch.Off in m/v ‘Frojdi 2”;

04.06.2011 – 26.09.2011 – Ass.Purser Ferry DOMIZIANA at ADRIA FERRIES (Frittelli Maritime Group);

09.12.2011-04.09.2012 – Ass.Purser Ferry Af FRANCESCA (Italian Flag) at Adria Ferries (Frittelli Maritime Group);

01.12.2012-30.07.2015-Chief Steward at Adria Ferries(Frittelli Maritime Group);

01.08.2015 – until now – Lector at TSTS Group Training Center.

Courses& Specializations:

23.07.2008 Responsible for Maritime Safety
• Skills and legitimate
• Planning for port security
• Safety equipment
• Identification of risks
• Planning Ship Security
• Analysis and risk planning;

– Training Center: Authorities for Electronic Communication
– Basic Security Training
– Crisis Management and awareness of the human aspects in passenger ships and RO-RO
– STCW Train the Trainers Courses.

Language: English, Italian. 

Cadet. Ergis Kryekurti – Training Courses Lecture

Was Born in Tirane on 14.06.1991

Education & Studies: “, Graduated in Faculty of Technical Sciences-Navigation,: University of Vlora ” Ismail Qemali

Work experience: August 2011- Dec2014 at Adria Ferries, Ancona-Italy Marine Stewardess, Sailor Stewardess (Aug 2011-Aug 2012);Ass Front Desk (Aug 20 12March2014) Chief Purser(March 2014-July 2016);Cadet Officer(July 20 17 -September 2017)(December 201 -January 2018) (July 201 8-September 20 18) .

Courses & Specializations: June 2011-Feb 2012 TSTS Group, Durres, Albania. Training Certificates of Sailor; Security Certificate etc. Certificate as Front Desk, Inst. Senegal, Ancona, Italy. Train the Trainers at TSTS-Group

Language: English; Italian.

Cap. Albert KOCO – Training Courses Lecture

Born in Tirane 16.11.1948

Education & Studies: Graduated in Marine University, Vlore, Albania.

Work experience: 1984 – 2012- Master on various type of cargo ships from 500 – 8000 ton such as M/N Arberia, Tirana, Gjirokastra, Korabi, Darlin, Renvi, Edarte, Nereida; 2015 to now -Instructor for ISPS Courses at TSTS Group, Durres, Albania

Courses & Specializations: IMO Maritime Security Train The Trainers Course, 2005.
Port Physical Security/ Port Vulnerability Course, 2005,
United States Coast Guard. International Ship And Port Facility Security Code- Port
Security Officer, 2004 International Maritime Transport Academy. Port Security Officer, 2005, Durres Port Authority.
Train the Trainers-TSTS Group

Language: English; Italian. 

Cap. Fatmir Keneta – Training Courses Lecture

Lector of Training Courses Born in Durres 20.05.1961

Education & Studies: Marine University, Vlore Albania
Work experience: 1985-1993-Navigator at Fleet of Trading Ship’s Durres”;1993-2002-Manager at Mushiqi” ltd, Private Construction Company, Durres, Albania; 2003-2007- Head of Department of Utilization at Maritime Service Shipping, Durrës, Albania; 2009-2015-CEO at Private Business; 2015-up to now-Lector of Training Courses at TSTS Group. “

Courses & Specializations: Train the Trainers at TSTS Group.

Language: English; Italian.

Ing. Spartak COMO – Training Courses Lecture

Born 22.01.1962 

Education & Studies: Graduated for Mechanical Engineering –Technology, University of Tirana.

Work experience: 1989-1995 – Mechanic Engineer at Fleet Combat Marine (FLD), Vlore, Albania; 19951997- Head of Workshop at Ex-Military Unit 8830”, Tirane, Albania; 1999-2012- Mechanic Engineer at Artinel 95” KIA Company, Sales sector; 2012-until now – Instructor at Driving School; 2014-until now – instructor at TSTS Group.

Courses & Specializations: Training on Train the trainer courses for the Engine Room Simulator, at TSTS Group

Language: English; Russian.

Doc. Sali BAJO – Training Courses Lecture

Born on 19.01.1946

Education & Studies: Graduated at University of Medicine, Tirana, Albania.

Work experience: 1976-2012- Port Doctor at Durres Port Authority; 2012-until Now-Instructor for MFA, MC at
TSTS Group

Courses & Specializations: Train the Trainers ’’Medical Care’’; ‘’Medical first Aid’ ’at TSTS GROUP

Language: English; Russian.

Ing. Mimoza KENETA- Training Courses Lecture

Born on 10.06.1968

Education & Studies: graduated on Culinary Course, Tirane, Albania

Work experience: 2009 – up to now- Chief Cook at Bar Restaurant “Spiranca” Durrës, Albania; 2015 – up to now- Instructor (Part Time) at TSTS Group.

Courses & Specializations: Train the Trainers Ship’s cook certificate at TSTS Group.

Language: English; Italian.

Cap. Shpetim PUPA – Training Courses Lecture

Bosun: Murat REKA – Training Courses Lecture