Yacht Skipper Training

The Skipper course, to obtain the license for: (motor boat, sailboat or personal watercraft (jet ski), includes the theory related to the technical knowledge on the use of boat equipment and then the real practice on ship’s simulator and at sea. Every element in the syllabus is prepared to improve your ability, not only to steer yachts, but also to professionally manage any eventual emergency situations that may occur while sailing.

The training will be conducted initially in our simulation class and when the candidates are sufficiently familiar with yacht maneuvers, they will sail in the sea ports and the use of our boats at sea.

Course Duration: 7 days (Albanian Marine Patent for Motor Boats & Sailing) – 2 days (Marine Patent for Water Motor)

Attendance: Minimum 4 people per day.

The skipper license is issued after the completion of the theoretical and practical testing that is done at the offices of the General Maritime Directorate, for any candidate who has successfully completed the intensive 7-day course. Albanian Skipper License (in the new format), starting from January 2013, is internationally recognized and is valid for motor boats 40 hp and up, up to 24 mt long and has no cruise restrictions from the coast, except the restrictions imposed by the national and international maritime navigation rules.

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