The company TSTS Group, recognized by the Albanian and Panamanian authorities as the Maritime Training and Employment Center, offers various jobs in Cruises, Ferries, Cargo Ships, Yachts, etc.

Currently this company directly represents International Cruise Companies, such as: GNV, COSTA Crociere, Corsica Ferries, A-Ship, Adria Ferries, Rizzardi Yachts, etc.

The jobs offered by the companies we represent are free of charge for all those persons who are certified under the STCW Convention. Our training and employment center, which operates with the highest international standards, is certified by the companies of this partnership and exactly this result achieved by us over the years, has offered our seafarers this employment perspective.

The positions offered by TSTS Group are listed on our website: and range from the initial technical roles of the board: deck sailor, engine room sailor, mechanic and up to managerial roles: Officers and Captains ship.

Also offered various positions in the sector of Hospitality, Shops and Bar – Restaurants on the ferries Ferries and those Cruises that are at the service of passengers.

The hiring process offered by our company goes through these stages.

  • Candidates submit their resumes according to the positions offered, in English in European formats.
  • Their applications are handled by the staff of our company by inviting candidates who meet the requirement of foreign languages, in an interview at our offices in Tirana and Durres, but also in Pristina – Kosovo.
  • Candidates who pass the interview and are familiar with the terms of this employment are sent to the companies we represent for the final selection.
  • Candidates selected by the interested companies, are provided with a preliminary employment contract, which offers them the guarantee of this employment after completing the relevant training or for those who are currently seafarers, the submission of the required documentation.
  • Maritime employment is offered free of charge or commissions, which are prohibited under the MLC Convention 2006, which our country has signed and is a full member. The costs that candidates pay for the provision of the required documentation such as: STCW Certification, Maritime Passport, Preventive Medical Analysis, are state documents at the expense of the seafarer. These documents enable candidates to be employed worldwide (All STCW Convention whitelist countries) and are valid for a period of 5 years.
  • Salaries offered in the maritime sector range from $ 900 to $ 2,500 for Ship Hospitality positions, as well as from $ 1,000 to $ 7,000 in professional maritime board positions.
  • All seafarers are legally provided with round-trip travel to the place where the ship is located and vice versa repatriation of the seafarer to the country of origin after the end of the contract. Seafarers are also reimbursed for the cost of the visa in case one is needed.
  • Seafarers while living and working on ships, stay in rooms with comfort accommodation conditions for 2 members. They are offered free food and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the contract period. The sea workers also have insurance for health issues, which is paid by the employer company.
  • All seafarers who work for long period in the same shipping company, have the right to apply according to the career system for position increase and salary.
  • During the period of employment, each seafarer creates his own evidence, which is reflected in the Maritime Passport, as well as the job evaluation (feedback), which is issued by the employer company.

All the steps outlined above serve to understand how maritime training and employment work, giving young candidates the opportunity to evaluate this career perspective which really requires a lot of commitment, but also presents benefits, which are difficult to achieve with the same conditions in the land employment sectors.

The cruise industry is growing rapidly, and there are more opportunities than ever to hire young people on cruise ships. But, most jobs face a high competition of candidates, who apply from all over the world for any vacancy.

Good preparation before conducting your job interview is the most important factor in gaining that job. Trying to plan interview answers, the right attire, documents, certifications, and questions to seek the right information in advance are the best ways to drastically increase your chances of getting hired.

For this reason, the Maritime Training and Employment Center has decided to offer a 3-day training course for familiarizing candidates with board life, knowing the technical terms in English, and getting to know them closely not only on the positive side. of this employment, but also with the difficulties encountered in exercising this profession.

The persons who will be selected as lecturers of this Training will be exactly from the ranks of our Sailors, who will share with you all their experience for the life of the board, and will acquaint you in advance with this highly valued profession but also at the same time hard.

Through the development of this training course you will have the opportunity to clarify yourself, whether or not this profession is right for you. If so, by completing the course your chances of being accepted into the maritime industry will increase significantly and you will know what you are looking for in your professional development.