Objectives of the Course: This model course is intended to provide a person with the knowledge, skill and understanding of leadership and teamwork at the operational level on board a ship. The course is designed to meet STCW requirements for the application of leadership and team working skills, in accordance with the 2010 Manila Amendments, specifically as stated in table A-II/1, A-III/1 and A-III/6.

Function: Controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the operational level. This course is designed in compliance with the STCW/78 as amended, tables A‐II/1, III/1, III/6 and the IMO model course Leadership and Teamwork . Course IMO 1.39. Prerequisites: It is assumed that students who take this course by learning on campus and board experience, having enough familiarity with the operations aboard understand that leadership and teamwork is an essential part of their role on board the operational level.

Duration of course: 1 day

Attendance: Minimum 4 trainees per day.

Course contents:

  • Understand the concept of leadership and the importance of teamwork within a vessel.
  • Clearly distinguish the different hierarchies and authorities within a vessel.
  • Apply the necessary methods for solving internal conflicts with the crew.
  • Know the functions assigned to each crew member designated by their superiors.
  • Applying knowledge in the management of onboard staff and various events that may occur to maintain adequate working environment.
  • Know the different international maritime conventions and recommendations under national law.

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