Albania Seman's CARD

 We have created an electronic database for Albanian Seafarers, Skippers and Yacht Captain, with the purpose to provide our crew with an Seaman’s ID Card. This document will contain all digital documentation related to: Seafarer's Passport; STCW95 professional certification, MLC2006 Declaration, Identity Documents, and medical reports and examinations. Through this (Seafarer ID Card), you will be able to show, in real time, soft copies of all your documents to any maritime entity or authority, simply by reading the QR Code of the card, using a mobile phone. The implementation purpose of this system has been inspired to the requirements of the: (SEAFARERS ID DOCUMENTS ILO CONVENTION 2003 No. 185) and STCW Manilla 2010 amendments, to create better mechanisms for the mitigation of fraudulent certification. We welcome you to sign up by sending the application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.