TSTS Group Awarded with Certificate of Excellence

The TSTS Group company is rated at 1% of Albanian businesses operating with standards.

All over the world, business credibility analysis companies are also involved in certifying the best and most successful businesses that come from evaluations of all public records about enterprises registered in a country. This is the practice with which companies are evaluated in the Balkan market for more than 10 years.

The www.boniteti.al website summarizes all public records about more than 200,000 businesses registered in Albania.

Based on the analysis of last year’s business results, your company: TSTS GROUP is on the list of 1% of the most successful and best-performing Albanian companies that have earned the right to the Certificate of Business Excellence.

The right to certification is determined on the basis of 18 performance and liquidity parameters (financial report), company solvency, debt level, asset and case lockdown, according to the European methodology for calculating solvency.

This certification is an indicator of financial reliability and financial stability as well as the quality of the company's business activity, it offers its reputation and preference in selection compared to competing companies in the domestic and international markets.

The certificate is a certificate that: (http://certifikata.al/)

- You are one of the companies with the best solvency in Albania

- You are one of the most successful in the field of your business activity

- Your business is quality, responsive and professional

- Your business is trustworthy for both your customers and your associates

- Have an advantage in relation to other competitive companies

This certificate serves to distinguish you from the competition and guarantees that you are the first choice from the potential customer, as throughout Albania the right of this certification is only 1% of registered businesses. Business excellence certificate is calculated on the basis of 18 efficiency and liquidity parameters (financial report), company's solvency status, blocking accounts and court proceedings.