Maritime Training and Crewing Center installs advanced marine simulation technologies in Albania

The growth of the number of employees in the shipping industry, according to market demand, has contributed initially to train the Albanian seafarers at an internationally renowned hub.

Therefore, the only training and employment center TSTS Group, authorized by the Government of Albania and internationally recognized, has brought a novelty in the field of navigation, that of installing the new simulation system.

This system, which was introduced in the presence of the authorities of the General Maritime Directorate, according to the representatives of the company, serves to the maneuvering of various shipping vessels & yachts and is fully in line with the requirements of international maritime conventions.

This innovation was also welcomed by the director of the General Maritime Directorate, Mr. Pavlin Ndreu, who was present during the inauguration ceremony.

The purpose of this project is to further study and improve technical and professional skills, mainly for sea and port navigation, to control marine navigation across all scenarios encountered on ships. Like the cruise zone, meteorological conditions, type of ships, crew, etc.

The TSTS Group has consistently been committed to comply with international standards in providing quality maritime training and crew employment opportunities in Albania.

What does TSTS Group represent?

TSTS Group Ltd, currently represents the Seafarers Training & Crewing Center, with offices in Tirana and headquartered in Durrës.

This company, which has been operating for years in the sector of training and maritime employment, has been engaged in the certification of Albanian sailors, who today thanks to the efforts and recognitions made by the Marine Directorate General on meeting the standards of the STCW10 - IMO Convention, in the white list of this convention, and the commitment of TSTS GROUP to sign agreements with prestigious international companies such as GNV, Costa Crociere, SNAV, Adria Ferries and Corsica Ferries, could have been hired on over 800 seamen of different professions with salaries minimum over 900$, on foreign-flagged vessels, both in European Union countries and beyond.

"Our center over the years has made significant investments in modern training equipment and facilities and develops a wide range of maritime courses", says Dorian Mersini, lawyer for maritime affairs and founder of this company.

So this Thursday was an important day for him and the staff he works with.

"Our center has invested in the renewal of the radar simulation system in the "NTPRO", version, which with applications and new computer graphics offers officers and captains, procedural and operational simulation training, in real terms and in accordance with scenarios that the marine industry faces today, such as rescue operation operations, scenarios and rescue operations, anti-piracy and weapon use, helicopter operations, to provide a marine environmental model very realistic, scenery objects and special effects for accurate awareness training in critical situations as well as tactical, combat and communication exercises", said Mersini.

The training facilities and equipment installed in this center are the latest technology. appliances are contemporary and seems like you are in a real vessel.