Health & Safety at Work

Safety & Health conditions in the work place continue to be one of the main themes of the chronicles, allowing us to bring attention to the importance of respecting the norms of personal safety to the working place, to effectively avoid possible incidents that may threaten the workers, during the performance of their duty.


Health and Safety at Work (H.S.W) is an important component of social protection of workers against the negative aspects of working accidents and occupational diseases, it improves job satisfaction and enhancing the functioning of the labor market and the quality of human capital. On the other hand, poor standards of health and safety at work, occupational injuries, fatalities and diseases causing a heavy burden on the national economy due to payments of social security schemes, expenditure hospital, retraining and replacement workers and loss of productivity. generally S.H.W defined as the science of forecasting, recognition, evaluation and control of risks arising in or from the workplace that may affect the health and well being of employees, taking into account the possible impact on neighboring communities and the general environment.

National Legislation for Safety and Health at Work in Albania

Albanian Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to social protection in the working place. Basic provisions for the protection of health and safety at work are provided by the Albanian Labour Code, Chapter VIII, to the Safety and Health Protection (Articles 39-76). They include mainly the principle of responsibility of employers to ensure the protection of S.H.W at the workplace and other requirements, similar to those contained in the Law of S.H.W. In addition, based on the Labour Code, the Albanian government has also issued a number of by-laws which define the detailed rules for implementing the requirements of the S.H.W there, more specifically, Decision on the specific measures related to the protection of S.H.W, DCM for determining accidents at work, DCM for determining occupational diseases, etc.

In 2010, Albania adopted a new law on Safety and Health at Work, transposing the Framework Directive of the EU. This law introduced for the first time the new principles for the management of S.H.W, based on risk prevention, risk assessment at work taking into account all aspects of work and the organization of the system, including specialists S.H.W involvement employees and appropriate emergency planning. All aspects mentioned constitute a new approach to the protection of employees.

Actually, in Albania is in force and is applicable the law no. 10237, dated 18.02.2010 "Safety and Health at Work", and the Government Decision no. 108, dated 09.02.2011 "On the skills that employers must meet, people and specialized services that deal with issues of safety and health at work".

According to these legal changes, "TSTS Group" is licensed by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Interior, and it's ISO 9001:2008 internationally certified from RINA - Genoa (Italy), for the development of training courses, which are focused in the respect of the rules based on technical safety and health of employees, in the working place. The experiences gained over the years in terms of cooperation with these important companies, which are operating in the Albanian market as: "ROMANO Port", "KASTRATI", "ASHTA",  "PIA - Vlora Port", "CEMA", etc.., has made it possible that "TSTS Group", today is one of the leading companies specialized for the certification of the workers, concerning the safety and health at work.

Given the importance of this occurrence and the development of the legal framework for this field in Albania under the EU standards, TSTS Group, has undertaken to develop, risk assessment for each category or business enterprise and perform modern methods of vocational training courses, for preventing and handling efficiently the different emergency situations in the workplace.