Recruiting Agency


TSTS Group, is engaged in the creation of employment opportunities for marine crews at different levels, for the Albanian flagged ships and foreign. Considering that most of the crews in our region, has passed through the companies of this partnership in performing training in compliance with the requirements of STCW Convention, we possess a data base - (network) with latest demands and offers of employment for seafarers.

Recently TSTS Group, has extended its recruitment services in other employment fields abroad to provide its assistance to Albanian and Kosovo youth who intend to have a professional career in various sectors of the international market .

Through this advertise, we’re introducing a new idea focused on the creation of a maritime employment portal. The main purpose of this new portal is the registration & presentation (for free), of local and foreign companies involved in different sectors, Maritime or Tourism, seafarers who’re seeking employment opportunities, or youth who intend to follow up this international career for their professional future. This website will face out all current employment vacancies offered by the main international companies, as well as crew candidates, Albanian or foreign seafarers who want to present themselves through this online portal, by registering for free their resumes. We invite you to support this project by and send us your comments to further improve the online portal, which will be exclusively at your service.