Maritime & Trade Law Firm

The TSTS Group Law Firm carries out its legal activities, in the sectors of maritime & admiralty law (shipping), transportation, international trade and European law, having as its clients, important stakeholders in the field of transportation industry as: ship owners and charters, logistics companies, port operators, national and international insurance groups, dealers, industrial enterprises and a large number of consultants involved in these fields.

The legal assistance offered through our Law Firm with offices in city of Tirana & Durres, organized with lawyers educated and specialized in the Prestigious European Universities, whom in the years have been involved also in the public sector, led by the lawyer Dorian Mersini, allow the customers to be confident with the Legal Systems and to protect their investments in Albania.

Our lawyers together with the other law firm partners, are able to assist the customers in the creation of new business enterprises of various forms, included those foreign companies in countries outside the Investors home residency.

The legal activity with regard to the shipping industry is connected with the maritime accidents, ships arrest, different contractual claims and liabilities, vessel charter and sale, insurance issues, and arbitration procedure.

TSTS Group Law Firm, has pleasure to introduce the new Partnership Agreement signed recently with the Prestigious Italian Law firm OMNIALEX directed from lawyer Francesco Maria Lino, which will offer to the customers legal assistance & solutions focused on the protection of their investments and capitals: