EU - Project Design & Implementation

The Vision of the Training and Maritime Employment Institute - TSTS Group is transforming itself into a far-reaching center for maritime and elite tourism sector training in Albania and the region. The development of this activity to allow the expansion of the maritime tourism and navigation industry in the country is one of our top priority targets. In doing so, the Institute will support, assist and monitor Albania's commitment to the progress of the maritime and tourism industry. As a responsible structure that provides comprehensive services to support seafaring and tourism sector personnel, the TSTS Group will develop various initiatives with significant socio-economic impact for the categories of persons seeking employment in these areas, providing opportunities for economic growth and development for the country and the region. This institute will be soon selected, referring to the standards achieved in the years of our activity, as the main maritime training and employment center for all Balkan countries participating in the maritime training systems under the provisions of the STCW 1978 (International Convention on Standards for Training, Certification and Skills for Marines of 1978, STCW Convention). TSTS Group will continuously pursue the development of Albanian Industry, vocational training and youth awareness towards the maritime and tourism sectors and will provide recruitment services of qualified personnel in support of the maritime, shipping and tourism industry in the entire region.

In addition to the various projects pursued with the Non-profit Organization, concerning the development of the legal framework and the implementation of projects in the field of maritime affairs, we have recently undertaken an overly ambitious initiative, through cooperation with the Albanian NGO: "CREW", which represent all the Albanian certified seafarers, to realize together a national data base for the professional presentation of our seafarers, creating them also a window and employment opportunities through the use of the portal specially created for this purpose: