Training of Employees in the Fisheries Sector

This training course will be conducted in accordance with Article 19 of Law no. 10237, dated 18 February 2010, "On safety and health at work", amended, regarding the fishing vessel operators ensures adequate training for the employees, in particular in the form of accurate, understandable instructions and in a language they understand, relating to safety and health on board of the fishing vessels and, in particular, to prevent accidents.

Course Objectives: Job’s duty awareness includes, in particular, fire protection, fire fighting, the use of life and survival equipment, and, for the respective employees, the use of fishing gear and catching equipment and use of various types of signs, including hand signals.

Training courses are updated when this is required by changes in relation with on board activities.

Duration of the Course: 8 days

Attendance: Minimum 4 persons per day.

Special formation of persons who can navigate the floating vehicle

Pursuant to Article 145 of Law no. 9251, dated 8 July 2004, "On the Maritime Code of the Republic of Albania", as amended, in accordance with the legislation in force, the user of the vessel ensures to any person who can navigate the vessel, special training, :

a) the prevention of occupational diseases and accidents on board, as well as the measures to be taken in the event of an accident;

b) the stability and maintenance of the vessel in all predictable loading conditions and during the fishing operations;

c) radio navigation and communication, including procedures.

It’s important that all fishermen understand the risks involved in fishing at sea and know what to do in an emergency.

Before you go to sea as a fisherman you must take formal safety training and have certificates to prove that you have done the training.